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Certificates of Honours

I, on behalf of venerable monks, venerable novices, kids and all people in Kraya Community as well as the people of Kingdom of Cambodia, would like to express our deepest sincere thanks to Kuan Yin and followers for great, compassionate and kind donation to our monks, novices and kids to get higher Education.
We do not have anything to give you in return, the our wishes for you and your followers.
May you and your followers be well and happy.
May you and your followers be healthy.
May you and your followers be free from sufferings.
May Buddha bless you!
With Metta,

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The Characteristic of the Wise

ក្នុងពិភពលោកនេះ មានសាកលវិទ្យាល័យ វិទ្យាស្ថាន មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលសិក្សា និងកន្លែងបំពាក់បំប៉នវិជ្ជាជីវៈច្រើនណាស់។ ចំណែកមនុស្សដែលបានបញ្ចប់ការសិក្សា ពីសាកលវិទ្យាល័យ និងកន្លែងផ្សេងៗក៏ច្រើនណាស់ដែរ។ គេថែមទាំងបានសរសេរជាអក្សរសំគាល់អ្នកដែលបានបញ្ចប់ការសិក្សានោះថា ថ្នាក់អនុបណ្ឌិត ថ្នាក់បណ្ឌិត ជាដើម។ តើអ្នកយល់យ៉ាងណាចំពោះបញ្ហានេះ? តើបណ្ឌិតពិតនៅត្រង់ណា? តើអ្នកអោយនិយមន័យ “បណ្ឌិត” ដូចម្តេច?

Recently, Schools, Colleges, Universities and other thousand centers for education have been established and hundreds of subjects have been provided. Thousands of students graduated from the Universities each year. Some of them hold Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctorate Degree and so on. But still in another case, we cannot see the real wise. How can we define “the Wise or the Fool”?


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Three Kinds of Elders in the World

សព្វថ្ងៃនេះ គេសង្កេតឃើញថា​ មនុស្សយើងមានភាពចាស់ទុំផ្សេងៗពីគ្នា។ ប្រសិនបើយើងនិយាយដោយសង្ខេបក្នុងមនុស្សមាន ៣ ប្រភេទ គឺ៖
១- ចាស់ដោយជាតិ (ជាតិជាក្សត្រ)
២- ចាស់ដោយវ័យ (ចាស់ដោយអាយុច្រើន)
៣-​ ចាស់ដោយគុណធម៌ (អ្នកប្រតិបត្តិនូវធម៌)
Nowadays we see there are many kinds of elder in the world. In short, the kinds of elders are mentioned as follows:
1- Elder by Clan (Khatiya),
2- Elder by Age (older),
3- Elder by Dhamma (Virtuous person)


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Six Dhamma For All Leaders

មេដឹកនាំក្នុងពិភពលោកគួរតែមានព្រះធម៌ក្នុងខ្លួន។ នេះជាធម៌សម្រាប់មេដឹកនាំគ្រប់រូប។ All leaders in the world should practise the Dhamma, Loving-kindness, Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity in life. Here is the Dhamma for all leaders.


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Happiness is within all of Us!!

DSCF9271 The Light of Dhamma is the best of all. Dhammas lead us to gain real happiness in life, no matter where in the world we are living. Here is the impact of Buddhism on Cambodian way of life. Cambodia is a small Theravada Buddhist country in Southeast Asia. It is also known as the temple capital of Asia. It is full of surprises, and is a place that Buddhism has been well observed in ages. King Ashoka sent missionaries to the land of Suwannaphumi, which has sometimes been identified as the mainland Southeast Asian region of Mon (now a state in Myanmar, the state of Mon) and Khmer (now Cambodia) people. Buddhist monks traditionally were called upon to perform a number of functions in Cambodian life. The monk traditionally occupied a unique position in the transmission of Khmer culture and values. By his way of life, he provided a living model of the most meritorious behavior a Buddhist could follow. He also provided the laity with many opportunities for gaining merit. For centuries monks were the only literate people residing in rural communities; they acted as teachers to temple servants, to novices, and to newly ordained monks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Learning English Through Buddhism: Lesson 13

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English English Through Buddhism: Lesson 10

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