FEC Programme

About FEC

Foundation for Education of Community (FEC) has been founded by a group of Volunteer Buddhist monks originated from Wat Kraya, Kraya Commune, Santuk District, Kampong Thom Province, Kingdom of Cambodia to support and help all people in education throughout Community in Cambodia for better understanding the way of life with the light of Buddha-Dhamma.

For the benefit of many, for peace and happiness of the world and for the development of human resource, FEC has strong confidence and built up Vision, Mission and Goals as follows:


A wish to see Cambodian Children, Youths, Parents and the Old Ages understand the benefits of education, live with rights and freedom, hopes, righteous ways of life, non-violence, harmony, peace and happiness, with full support from society without discrimination or exploitation, with health and welfare, with warmth and sufficient opportunity and access to education and a balance between knowledge and social morality.

To promote rights, freedom, dignity, morality education, the righteous way of living, meditation education, and equal opportunities for children, youth, parents, and the old age in their daily lives in order to learn how to live with present moment, non-violence, harmony, peace and happiness in their own family as well as in the modern societies.

For unlimited-standing goals, FEC will provide the Buddhist monks, novices, children, youth, and the old age as target group with knowledge about morality, spiritual education and development, religions, customs and traditions, rights and freedom and distribute the words of universal teacher for building peace and non-violence to Cambodian family and society. And also to bring the technique of spiritual development for children, youth, and the old age in order to reduce their greed, hatred and delusion which are the root causes of violence in family and society.

Please kindly join us for better Education. Here is:

(English) Fec Registration Form

(Khmer) លិខិតសុំចូលជាសមាជិតមូលនិធិហ្វិក


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