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Background of Wat Kraya


Wat Kraya or Kraya Monastery is so called because its location is in Kraya Village, Kraya Commune, Santuk District, Kampong Thom Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. Wat Kraya has been found by Buddhist monks, laymen, laywomen, and its authorities since 1980. If you travel a long the national road 6 approaching to Kampong Thom provincial town you will see a gate on the right side when you cross Kampong Thmor Market bridge about 100 metres. And then you turn right and go along domestic rout about 20 km to reach Wat Kraya.

Our Members of Sangha

Due to our difficulties to be responsible for providing education, food and accommodation to monks and students, in the present moments there are over ten monks and novices, and over ten students. Indeed, some students from very far village studying in secondary thereby the monastery also take a rest and have lunch in monastery as well. So, all monks, novices, and students are nearly 25 in numbers. Actually, I don’t want to experience as I did in my life’s journey which I have already mentioned in brief above. I need more and more to help me with my works in coming future. Nowadays I always persuade them to do their best to study. I always contact the monasteries where there are monastic educations for them. That is really sorry to my novices and monks. But I also promise with them not to leave them away. So, they hope one day they will have the great light into their heart.

Our Shelters

In Wat Kraya, there are  6 buildings, but they can be used only 2 buildings and other ones are too old to use. It may be dangerous to monks, novices, and students, so we removed it away. Actually, I expected that it would be built a new one for them, but unfortunately not at all. When the rain comes they have to run here and there to be safe from water. I myself did too. We really need your donation to rebuild the kuti. For far future perspective, I need large buildings for monks, novices, students and laypeople to stay for learning and prectising the Buddhist ways of living, such as meditation technique, etc. Accommodation is really important to establish the various projects. Firstly, I need a few buildings to be established in Wat Kraya. Why? Of course, one building (three floors) is for school, library and meeting room. And other two buildings are for Buddhist student-monks, novices, and students staying. I don’t know how much we will spend for one building. But the generous people will kindly donate as much as they can in order to explore human resources in Cambodia.

Buddhist Education

In Wat Kraya, the Buddhist monastic education has not been established yet. But here we are providing education about Khmer literatures to novices and students. They have to learn how to read and how to write Khmer literature under guideline of elder monks. Most of them could not read and write even an alphabet of Khmer literature. How poor they are! Actually, the monastic education should be opened long time, but they could not do it because they do not care about development of human resource. The results, thousands of monks, novices and people are under non-literacy. So, how pitiful they are! I have translated and published a few books for Cambodian people, but what makes me sorrow and disappointed is my a few people in my community can read and write Cambodian letter. Buddhist monks, novices and many students also could not read Cambodian Literature of poverty. From my perspective, I do know monastery can give thousands of chances to poor children in Cambodia. For example, my community is also waiting for me to help them, but what, how, and why?

Our Relationship

Buddhist Monks and lay people cannot be separated from each other. Buddhist Monks can live with the lay people’s material supports while lay people have to depend on Buddhist monks to show the spiritual path of living. But what we should be investigated and noted is that people cannot be led into the righteous way of living without well-educated monks, who are well-versed in Buddha-Dhamma as well as general social knowledge. So, we have to stay closely with compassion, loving-kindness, sympathy to one another.

Our Objectives

Of course, we have the intention to establish Monastic Education for Buddhist Monks and Lay People there in the Future. We clearly know the real situation over there. Buddhist Monks and Lay People need Buddhist Educational Centre or Monastic Education for Exploring their knowledge and Way of Living. But unfortunately, from generation to generation Monastic Education passed over because of Carelessness. Indeed, Monastic Education should be developed from Elementary Level up to University Level.

Wat Ambavanaram (Wat Kraya) is surrounded by 4 villages, namely, Sopheakmongal Village, Kraya Village, Taminh Village, Trapaing Pring Village, where contained populations over 3000 persons in number. I do hope they can support Buddhist monks at least 20 monks to 25 monks. But it is maybe a little hard to people over there because right now they cannot grow rice due to no rain at all.

Addition, we should cultivate human resource if we want to develop the country. It is the fundamental properties. Without well-educated people, every country in the world can do nothing. Indeed, there will be thousands problems arising from day to day. We have to face the problems no matter where in the world we live. But here, what I mean is that we have to develop human resource first and then country.

As religious practitioners, no matter which or what religion we follow, but we are walking on the harmonious path. We want to see people live in peace and happiness with one another in the communities as well as in the world. To be so, we have the intention to help them for the long future journey by opening Buddhist Monastic Education for monks and students, meditation centres for all mankind. By the way, I am responsible to three monasteries for coming future. But what I will do first is to open Buddhist Monastic Education for Buddhist Monks, novices and all students from different places to get real human resource to do other works. And then Meditation Centres and other public moral developments will be set under the function. The schedules are set as follows:

1- To bring a good education for Buddhist young monks, children, gents, and ladies,

2- To train and guide the people in community to live righteous way of life,

3- To properly arrange the study-materials for each academic study and keep according to regulations of training technique.

4- To encourage and leave a chance for novices, monks and students to strengthen the ability to accomplish their future lives’ requirements.

5- To compile more various documents for library making easy for students to do research.

6- To arrange the function, duties and managing structure of Buddhist Monastic Education according to duty and perform work to be effective and responsibility.

7- To check study-programme performance  to guarantee the qualification of Buddhist students-monks and students and also to response the development of department of education of the country.

8- To arranging the co-operation between various libraries around the world and Buddhist Library For Youth being easy for Buddhist students-monks, students to do researches.

9- To make better relationship with other departments of pariyatti, patipatti around the world,

To achieve the projects mentioned above, I, on behalf of Kraya people in Cambodia, would like to call upon the generous people around the world for kind donation to support our poor monks, novices, children and monastery.

Help me, Help your people. Help my Monastery, Wat Kraya, Help thousands poor children. Help Wat Kraya, Give the great Light to Ignorant people.

With this brief description I do hope my dear brother know how dear brother can help us to save our community, poor children, pitiful monks and novices. My dear brother, my personal biography is not unique, but I am doing and what I am planning is the best. My study is not for my need and my sake, but it will be helpful to all mankind especially for my own community. You and your community can help us any way as you can. We are very pleased to hear from you. And next year I will go to Cambodia on my mission for a few months, I will discuss to start my monastic education, and also how I can manage the monastic school for monks, novices and students.

Finally, may you, dear brother and all people in your community be well and happy.

With Metta,

Ven. Sovann Suy (Wat Kraya)


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    I simply want to say I am newbie to blogging and site-building and absolutely enjoyed you’re web-site. Very likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You surely have wonderful articles. Many thanks for sharing your web page.

  2. 2

    Ganesh said,

    Very Nice! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

  3. 4

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  4. 5

    essay said,

    That was an excellently written essay, thank you so much.

  5. 7

    Pilgrim said,

    Dear Dejekun,
    when you are back in Cambodia, I shall try to gather resources to help you in your mission.

    • 8

      krayayouth said,

      Dear Pilgrim,
      Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Now I am always thinking of what I will do when I arrive Cambodia. Ok, I will arrange my program and then send to you one day!
      With Metta,

  6. 9

    anatma said,

    Very good project! Wish you success!

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