Responsibilities of Teachers, Students

Teacher is literally defined as someone whose job is to teach in a school or college or a person whose job is teaching. It is very simple indeed. In human tradition, teacher is a person who is worthy of respect. He must let himself to become worthy of respect; he purifies his mind, view and realizes the things as they really are. [Khudaka Nikaya: 297, Mahamangala Sutta]

I hope we all still remember our foremost teachers, our own parents. They taught us the good lessons of life that we ever had at school.
Anyway, in the modern society people can learn and teach everything and in everywhere. But I would like to say that no matter where in the world we learn or teach, we must keep in mind we have all these:
a.        Teach and practice them social customs, precepts and religious activities.
b.       Teach all what you leant from your teachers – Don’t keep hidden things.
c.        Introduce your students to your friends who in higher level in relevant field.
d.       Save your students from hazards (social and environmental) as their father and mother.
e.        As a teacher you need to keep good character for sample you to your students.
(DN: 31, Sigalaka Sutta, tr, Maurice Walshe, Wisdom Publication, p. 461)
This is the ethical principle of a teacher or responsibility of teachers towards their students. The universal master said thus: “One should first establish oneself in what is proper; then only one should teach others. A wise man should not incur reproach. One should act as one teaches others; only with oneself thoroughly tamed should one tame others. To tame oneself is, indeed, difficult.” (Dhammapada (Khmer &English), Ed., Ven. Suy Sovann, p. 56)
According to the verses, we understand that a job of teaching is not easy because the Ethics and Values of teaching must be included in any field of teaching. Again, “One should follow a man of wisdom who rebukes one for one’s faults, as one would follow a guide to some buried treasure. To one who follows such a wise man, it will be an advantage and not a disadvantage. The man of wisdom should admonish others; he should give advice and should prevent others from doing wrong; such a man is held dear by the good; be is disliked only by the bad.” (Dhammapada (Khmer &English), Ed., Ven. Suy Sovann, p. 27)
In the same way, all students should also have the responsibilities towards their teachers as follows:
a.   by rising from the seat in salutation,
b.   by attending on him,
c.    by eagerness to learn,
d.   by personal service,
e.    by respectful attention while receiving instructions.
(DN: 31, Sigalaka Sutta, tr, Maurice Walshe, Wisdom Publication, p. 461)

These are the responsibilities of students for their teachers. We should commit ourselves as students because we still learn something from people and environments every day.


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