Educational Techniques in Buddhism

 How we firstly drop into new subject (Sussusathi Sutta – AN)

– Making likeness to relevant subject by thinking it will help to your future

– Focusing full concentrate to that subject

– Making persistence to your mind that “I can learn & understand this subject”

– Understanding & making clear to yourself – new ideas about that subject

– Throw away ideas & thoughts that aren’t help or related to your new subject

– Use that new idea to your day to day life


Buddhist Way to Increase Memory (Combination from Buddhist teachings)

– Ask questions about subjects from yourself & teachers

– Keep your education or personal room & your body clean & neat way

– Your devotion must be same as wisdom & your persistence must be same as concentration time

– Get away from bad & negative people or negative places that help to discourage you

– Stay with great & wise people or stay alone

– Read about past life stories of Lord Buddha (Jataka Stories) & try to learn difficult Sutra Dharma

– Do every works with right mind – Keep concentration


Traditional Five Educational Rules of Buddhism (Sussusathi Sutta – AN)

– Listening very well – Now also reading

– Keeping those things in your remember

– Talking or writing down what you remember or read loudly

– Experience & Investigating what you learnt

– Connect new things with previous learnt things & your current life


What actually we need to learn (Lakkana Sutta – DN)

– Differences between Merits & Bad things

– Differences between Right & Wrong

– Who must be friends of us & Who must not

– What important to your Future & What are not

– One or more skill to making money

– About four noble truths

– Meditation techniques


Responsibilities of Teachers For Students (Sigalowada Sutta – DN)

– Teach and practice them social customs, precepts and religious activities

– Teach all what you leant from your teachers – Don’t keep hidden things

– Introduce your students to your friends who in higher level in relevant felid

– Save your students from hazards (social & environmental) as their father & mother

– As a teacher you need to keep good character for sample you to your students

Solid Your Mind, Make Great Persistence To Achieve Your Goals ! – Lord Buddha


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