Activity of Venerable monks in Wat Kraya (BLY)

Dear Dhamma Friends,

I, on behalf of Venerable monks and lay people in Wat Kraya and Kraya Commune, would like to express our sincere thanks to generous Dhamma friends around the world for helping us to donate the great Dhamma books for Buddhist Library For Youth (BLY) in Wat kraya. The BLY is daily opened for Buddhist monks, lay students and all kinds of people from different places. Now BLY is in progress, but unfortunately we have not had enough books for the need of our readers yet. We would like to welcome the most Venerable monks, generous people and those who wish to donate Dhamma books to our library for the benefits of the many, for peace and happiness of the world and also for the development of human resource in Kingdom of Cambodia.

If you wish to send us Dhamma books, please see the following address:

Wat Kraya (Ambavanarama), Kraya Village, Kraya Commune, Santuk District, Kampong Thom Province,

Kingdom of Cambodia, email:, phone number: (+855) 062 6905008


Here is the activity of Venerable monks and novices in Wat kraya leading by the Most Venerable Treng Koemloan. Please see what there are in Buddhist Library For Youth (BLY) and what you can help BLY. We are waiting for your kind help!

With Metta,







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