Venerable Suy Sovann Giving Speech on World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY), the 8th General Conference


Dearest Dhamma Friends,

I, on behalf of Cambodian Buddhist student-monks studying in Sri Lanka and all Cambodian people, would like to express my sincere thanks to the most Venerable Anuruddha Thero, the General Secretary of WBSY for giving me the great opportunity to join the World Buddhist Sangha Youth, the 8th General Conference which was held in Dammbula, Sri Lanka on 27th – 30th of October, 2011. I have learned a lot from the most Venerable monks and dearest friends from different countries. I also was so happy when I was standing in front of hundreds of people to share what I have learned in my life from the Lord Buddha. I do know every living being needs peace and happiness in daily life. So, I would like to bless all living beings around the world to be well and happy! May all living beings be free from hatred! May all living being be free from suffering! With Metta,









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  1. 1

    Absara srey said,

    very great to see my country monk study .

  2. 3

    I see your participation at WBSY alive,iwas there too.Your presenation is very good and worth How are u returned ur home.?

    • 4

      krayayouth said,

      Dear the most Venerable Sir,
      Thank you so much for recognizing me. Actually, it was my first day to talk in front of many people in English. I was so happy to see such kind of great activities of Buddhist monks in the modern world. I do hope I will join the World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY) for the benefits of many, for peace and happiness of the world. With Metta,

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        ven.P. Wimalagnana said,

        now a day I stay in PARIS?AT jETHAVANA VIHARA?so many Cambodian devotees come this temple

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