Wonderful Day, Sweet Memory!

Dear Dhamma friends,

Life is indeed wonderful! As a poor child from poor farmer family, I have never expected to get higher education in life. I was not only born in poor farmer family, but beloved mother also passed away when I was 8 years old. We, four brothers and sisters, have been well brought up by our beloved father and grandparents. Having lived as orphan children is quite lonely, but our father and grandparents always smile at us and support us as much as they could. In the evening, after dinner, my grandmother always told us a very good story of living as human beings. I have well kept in mind what was told. Not before long, with great compassion and loving-kindness, one day my beloved grandmother requested me to be monk’s student in Wat Kraya ( in 1995). I did not know who the monk was; where they came from and why they did so. I was so afraid of Buddhist monk at that time, but there was no choice. My dearest grandson, ‘you should be a monk because I want you to get good education’, my grandmother said. Now everything has been well understood how wonderful the monastic life is. With your great effort, now my life is wonderful, peaceful and happy in education. Thank you so much, dearest parents and grandparents, for bringing me up and showing the righteous way of living. My dearest mother and grandparents, I am very sorry that you had no more life to see how I am now. May you live peacefully and happily in your next lives! May Buddha bless you!

What I have mentioned above is just to let dearest friends know how I come today. Dearest friends in the Dhamma, I have never forgotten what my duty is. I do know how hard it is to live as orphan child in poor farmer family; how wonderful life is to live as a monk and how much the monastery helps me. With the help of beloved parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends, I get what I desire in life. Now I would like to share a few pictures which I ever get in life. Please enjoy looking these pictures with compassionate smile. With Metta,

My venerable friends, Venerable Sok Theavy, Ven. Socheat, Ven. Chhorn, Ven. Sam Oun,

Ven. Chhay Kosal, Ven. Chhin Chamroeun, Ven. Sam An and Ven. Suy Sovann  (from left to right).

Three Keap’s scholarship students, Ven. Sok Theavy, Ven. Chhin Chamroeun, and

Ven. Suy Sovann (from Left to Right), in Academic year 2010-201,1 (20-Oct-2011)

Venerable Chhay Kosal and Venerable Suy Sovann together with beloved friends from

three Japanese students, and American student. (20-Oct-2011)


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