Kathina Program in Wat Kraya

Dear Dhamma friends,

I, on behalf of people in Kraya Commune, would like to inform beloved friends that our beloved people will celebrate the Kathina ceremony for Buddhist Monks in Wat Kraya. In accordance with the real situation, recently, our people around the country are suffering because of flood. Therefore, I would like to inform dear dhamma friends that if you wish to join us for the benefits of many, for the peace and happiness of the world, please contact the most Venerable Treng Koemlaon, Wat Patumavati # 23, Phnom Penh, Telephone: (+855) 095 88 77 76. For beloved Khmer people please read the following program in Khmer language.

Thank you so much for your kind help. May you all be well and happy! May Buddha bless you!

With Metta,



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    Br. Nate Kelley said,

    Sadhu!, Sadhu!, Sadhu! May the Buddha Dharma Flower, Flurish, and Spread in this world, and the next. With Metta, Br. Nate Kelley, U.S.A.

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