By: Ven. Suy Sovann, Cambodian Monk

Paying Homage to the Noble Triple Gem,

Paying respect to the Most Venerable Organizers of WBSY,

Paying respect to the Most Venerable Sanghas,

Warmly welcome all Participants, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I, on behalf of all Cambodian Buddhist Student-Monks studying in Sri Lanka as well as all Cambodian people, would like to express my sincere thanks to the most Venerable organizers of WBSY for giving us a great honor to participate the 8th WBSY General Conference at T.B Thennakoon Memorial Hall Dambulla Galawala Sri Lanka.


We have a great opportunity to be here together as world Buddhist Sangha Youth. We would have done something good in the past lives together. We come here today for peace, happiness and harmony of the world. As well-beings no matter where in the world we are, which religion we believe, what race we belong to, but we must do good deeds in our daily lives. Here, a well-being must be a person who loves oneself and others. This means he must be a person who observes the morality in his daily living. We have already kept in mind we all are ones in the universe. We were, indeed, born in different parents, families and countries, but we, however, come together as a child of the Lord Buddha. We are the practitioners of the Teachings of the Buddha for the benefits of many, for peace and happiness of the world. The Teachings of the Lord Buddha remain in our heart and mind such as not to do any evil deeds, to do only wholesome actions, and to purify our mind from defilements. When one restrains from killing or harming others, one gives life to others with the great compassion and loving-kindness. One, indeed, should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should he incite another to kill. Do not injure any being, either strong or weak in the world. Well, we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves. The greatest universal teacher, Buddha shows us the righteous way of living called the Eightfold Noble Path – Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration, but we ourselves should follow these Noble Paths.


Dhamma friends, we should know our words are so powerful; they have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. The fool thinks he has won a battle when he bullies with harsh speech, but knowing how to be forbearing alone makes one victorious. As a beautiful flower without fragrance is disappointing, so are the wise words without right action. As a beautiful flower with a delightful fragrance is pleasing, so is wise word and lovely speech when matched with right action. We are, however, what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Please keep in mind that ‘our worst enemy cannot harm us as much as our own unguarded thoughts’. Again, a well-being needs peace and happiness for his family and society. He who controls his body, who controls his tongue, who controls his mind, is well controlled. He who wishes his own peace and happiness by causing pain to others is not released from hatred, being himself entangled in the tangles of hatred. The Buddha said “Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten”.


In short, the 8th WBSY General Conference today brings many benefits to all of us. We should be aware that on our lives’ journey, Faith is nourishment, Virtuous Deeds are a shelter, Wisdom is the light by day, and Right Mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him; if he has conquered greed, nothing can limit his freedom. The Exalted One, Buddha taught us very clearly that there is no fire like greed, no crime like hatred, no sorrow like separation, no sickness like hunger of heart and no joy like the joy of freedom. Similarly, one should live in harmony with each other when things fall apart just as left hand and right hand never leave each other when the need arises. Even though one has nothing to give others, but absolutely not destroy their hope. At least one can cultivate loving-kindness towards them just as a mother would protect with her life her own son, her only son, so one should cultivate an unbounded mind towards all beings, and loving-kindness towards all the world.


Finally, may all beings in the world be well and happy! May all people around the world live harmoniously! May Buddha bless all people! Thank you so much!

Date: September 15, 2011

Colombo, Sri Lanka


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