Non-Confusion of Action Is the Blessing!

Dearest teacher and all friends,

This is my great opportunity to stand in front of you today to share with you what I have learnt from this world. It is just my little experience, but we should learn together. Here what I would like to share with you is on ‘Confusion of Action’.

Dearest friends, to live peacefully and happily is really hard in our life’s journey. In the modern world, we need countless things for survival. Therefore, we try our best to do everything for life no matter how hard it is. Life and work must go together, but it should be in order. Life is useless without action. In our daily living, there are three actions, namely, bodily action, verbal action and mental action. Action must be done in order to get successful, but everything will not come true as we thought if we do not know how to make plans for action. We have to make plans for our lives from now on, no matter who we are. Hence, a few plans should be put in practices in order as follow:

– Making likeness to relevant actions by thinking it will help to your future,

– Focusing full concentrated to that activity,

– Making persistence to your mind that “I can learn and understand this action”,

– Understanding & making clear to yourself – new ideas about that action,

– Throw away ideas & thoughts that aren’t help or related to your new activity,

– Use that new idea to your day to day life

Furthermore, we should also understand the real meaning of life and time. Time should be used in proper way for the benefits of many, for peace and happiness of the world. Action should be well separated as the followings:

– Differences between Merits and Bad things,

– Differences between Right and Wrong,

– Who must be friends of us and Who must not,

– What important to your Future & What are not,

– One or more skill to making money

In short, human life is in need of moral actions which have been well prepared in order. Confusion of action brings unsuccessful and boring life. As a student must find out what should be performed for improving one’s skills for the future. Also everyone has to make plans for every activity in daily living. It is only one technique to avoid mental problems and stress. To get successful and wonderful work is required attention, making plans, putting it into practice and effort.

So, we should realize that life is struggle. Work and life were more of piece, but the work we do requires faith in our humanity. Our actions will produce results in present moment and in the future; thus we have to be responsible for our deeds. If we arrange our daily activities in order slowly, we will surely get successful and joyful life. Please keep in mind that all things can be mastered by mindfulness. And also you should note that “If you set out to heal the world, you will lose yourself. If you set out to heal yourself, you heal the world”.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to dearest teacher and friends for listening. May you be well and happy! May you be free from hatred! May you get successful in life!

Thank you!



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